Reasons for choosing a PV system

Ecological reasons

Photovoltaic is now a proven technology which is inherently safe, unlike some other forms of electricity generating technologies. Over its estimated life, a photovoltaic module will produce much more electricity than used in its production and a 100W module will prevent the emission of over two tons of CO2. Photovoltaic systems make no noise and cause no pollution in operation, so is clean and silent technology. The PV system can be used for either centralized or distributed power generation.

 Economic reasons

PV system prices decreased from around 14,000 €/kWp in 1990 to 2,100 €/kWp by end of 2011. Regardless of any location in the world, the PV system is an economically viable way to generate electricity from solar energy. Even in cloudy conditions, PV systems have proven their reliability.