Civil Engineering

Structural Analysis and Design

As structural engineers, we design structures of buildings, civil engineering and other facilities. We provide evidence of the required structural safety according to construction laws. Structural analyses are run using computational models of the latest software based on the updated structural standards. Our aim is that the required bearing capacity and serviceability of structures to be consistent with economical requirements during the intended service life.

Application of Modern Software

For the computations of structures, we apply modern CAD and FEM (Finite Element Method) software. Here geometrical model data flow extensively into the system in order to obtain the optimal structure. The software system works with global data sets so that the repeated input of equal data is omitted. Based on the structural analyses, FE computations, reference, formwork and reinforcement drawings as well as the related documentations we prepare the complete data set which considerably facilitates and supports the actual construction project.

The final digital product allows the paperless exchange of data between all concerned parties of the planning process. Plans can be simply sent via the worldwide data network. Thus, we increase to a great extent the productivity in construction. Simple and complex structural elements are accurately represented in every detail using three dimensional computer graphics.

A detailed visualisation has many advantages with respect to an improved planning ability.

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