About us

Highly motivated and highly qualified

Highly Motivated and highly qualified, due to using FEM and CAD as modern and effective computing and drawing software, we guarantee excellent engineering skills with precise schedule with all the buildings of structural and construction engineering, considering the newest in technology.

In times of fierce competition it is of paramount importance to make us every possibility, being conductive to cutting costs when it comes to structures of all kinds. We commit ourselves to coming up with the ideal architectural concepts for our contractual partners, thus contributing to the success of you construction project.

In addition to that we have also achieved much and gained much experience in the fields of modification, restructuring and upgrading existing buildings throughout the course of our career. Using modern computing and drawing techniques we are able to conduct the designing of the building without limitations, in accordance with physical characteristics and specified working load.

Furthermore we can comprehend the structural shape as visual architecture with the associated converted space and construction cost calculations, fast and precisely. We are apt to conduct draft and construction of clinics, hotels, engineering, structured and fortification of roads, traffic spaces and drivable areas in assembly hangars, storage rooms and such in a safe and economic way. In order for you to be able to judge our achievements, we added some of our projects for viewing.